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  • Eran Yaron

Get ready for Dynamics 365 Wave 2

Microsoft recently published the release plan (a.k.a release notes) for the next Dynamics 365 new feature release (wave 2) which describes all the new capabilities being added all the way to March 2020 - almost a full year ahead.

More info can be found on the Microsoft docs page, but here are some highlights.

  • AI Everywhere! Customers, Sales, Service, Market, Virtual Assistant and more!

  • Updated Email Editor in the Unified Interface!

  • Business Card scanning

  • Integrated softphone dialer

  • Change the Opportunity Close dialog to enable capturing more information

  • Significant Project Service changes

If that's not enough, the Power Platform is getting a Wave 2 update as well:

  • Fully responsive canvas apps!

  • AI Builder

  • Reusable components and Component Framework

  • Automated UI Test Framework

  • Extended Flow related integration to ensure they can be part of a solution

  • Additional features in the new Solution Designer

In summary, it looks like a lot of existing features have been refreshed and moved into the Unified Interface, as well as a swarm of new features and capabilities added that we need to master. PowerApps is changing how we approach solution delivery and PowerApps Portals are a big game changer in the platform's capabilities.

This new release is also highlighting that Microsoft are well into the journey of changing the Classic UI with the Unified Interface. If you haven't switched already, it's probably the time to start making a plan.

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