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Portal would not display my changes


You make a change to the portal, such as adding an Entity List, adding a Search bar or adding some custom Javascript and then expect to see it take effect on the portal. But, alas the portal doesn't reflect the changes that you were expecting.

You do a CTRL + F5, but to no avail

Unfortunately, in its current form, dynamics portal doesn't have a publish button for changes to take effect

Thankfully, there are a couple of solutions available. Phew!


Clear Cache (logged in as an Admin)

  1. go to append _service/about at the end of the portal URL e.g.

  2. Clear Cache button

Note: if you're not logged in as admin you just get a blank page with the portal version number

Restart the portal

  • log into the Admin Centre → click on the three dots next to the Portal Instance (…) → then Click on Administration

  • In Administration, Click on Portal Actions then click on Restart

Note: it can take up to 5 minutes to Restart the Portal

After you've done either of the above actions do a CTRL + F5 on the portal and hopefully, it should bring up the changes that you'd been expecting

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