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We've implemented many projects for our customers.  These include green field projects, extensions and migrations.

Digital Student Record - Enrollment Process

We implemented a Digital Student Record system for a large Higher Education / TAFE provider in Victoria.  The system was tailored to follow and support potential students through the process of enrolment. The system included multiple integrations with various system including government APIs and the internal student management system.

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Project Service Automation

We have implemented several Project Service Automation modules and understand the intricacies of getting this right.  Managing a project can be daunting and while PSA provides an incredible platform, if the initial configuration is incorrect or the users aren't fully trained, you're gonna have a bad time.  Let us help you avoid the mess.

Dynamics 365 Migration

We've done numerous migrations from On Premise to Dynamics 365 and understand all of the intricacies that may be involved. As CRM is a core part of the business this change can have many impacts on people and processes and we can help you through it.  From understanding the process to ensuring everyone has access to the data they need, we can get it working quickly.

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Data Analytics, Dashboards and Reporting

Not sure what data to capture? Or maybe you have so much data you don't know what to do with it? We can help you find the insights you're looking for.  From our vast experience across multiple industries and different backgrounds we understand the information you need to see to understand if your customers are happy.  Using the latest tools and technologies we can help your business grow with the power of data driven decisions.

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