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  • Khushboo Jain

Connecting to Multifactor authentication enabled organization from XRM Toolbox

Cannot connect to an organization with multifactor authentication enabled using XRM Toolbox and keep getting ‘Unable to login to CRM’ error message?

Follow the steps below to get connected:

· Click on new connection and select ‘SDK login control’ as the connection method

· Click on ‘Open Sdk Login Control’ as highlighted below

· Select ‘Office 365’ as the deployment type if you are connecting to an online organization

· Tick the checkbox ‘Display list of available organizations’ and click on Login

· You’ll be prompted to enter your credentials. Enter your login details for the organization you are connecting to

· This will list all the organizations in that tenant (Sandbox/Production etc). Select the organization you want to connect to and click on Login

· Voila! You have successfully connected to your organisation via XRM Toolbox.

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